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What exactly is Issue?

You’ve seen a weird little magazine on the way to the toilet at your favourite italian restaurant? Or you clicked on a colourful button on Facebook and got to this blog? Or did just someone talk to you about that amazing little project that you should take a look at? Well, that’s how it works. So let’s try to answer that question of what exactly "ISSUE" is.

For your eyes only

ISSUE developed from a very simple, maybe in fact an egoistic thought: we wanted to participate. Imagine, there’s a cabinet full of paperwork that actually could also be found at the MI-6 and except of some chartered people nobody knows what’s in it. But in this case it’s not what we want. The cabinet contains drawings, paintings, prints, and various other stuff that calls for attention. No matter if you draw images, write stories, construct things, play games, think, paint, or tinker... you probably know the feeling of just doing those things for yourself to put into that cabinet. Well, it’s worth a great deal but wouldn’t it be cool to present your work and yourself to the public?

What was it all about?

You already have that opportunity, the world wide web is full of it. But many people still do things on their own and get lost in the immense amount of networks. With the development of our ISSUE-magazine we wanted to create something artistically creative - together. And in the same time maintaining our claim. That’s why we decided to do subject-oriented editions: To reinvent itself with each realease is one of the principal claims of our magazine. It is "open minded" for what’s in it and who’s done it. Whilst the first ISSUE-magazine consisted of works done by only four people, the second ISSUE covered submissions from twelve. We’re excited about how this will continue.

Will you just listen to me now?

The whole thing is a communication project. Because communication should be open and simple, we place ISSUE as a free-to-grab magazine at places where you normally do not expect so called "art magazines". More important: communication should not work in only one direction. So if you would like to comment our blog entries, or write us an e-mail, or get in touch with us in any other way, we’d be pleased to hear from you. So this is art? We are open-minded for any kind of submission. Even if you want to submit a non-artistic work. In the end, the magazine is more than just the sum of its parts: it’s ONE SINGLE piece of art. That’s why it’s limited and hand numbered on it’s cover.

Who’s behind the curtain?

ISSUE was developed by Tim Pickartz (research fellow in the subjects of Art and Art Educator) and Stephan Hilpert (Graphic Designer and student of Visual Communication Design). But more important: everyone can participate at ISSUE. Even you, if you want to! Thanks to our concept everyone is welcome and this is the reason why ISSUE can be produced after all. Both contentual and financial. We hope even more people will join us with each realease. The participants so far: Sabiene Autsch, Martin Berkemeier, Aura Ling, Christoph Greune, Lisa Grimm, Stephan Hilpert, Christian Kockhans, Tim Pickartz, Anja Schmitt, Florian Schwarz und Stephan Tyziak.

Join us!

You would like to participate? Give us your creative ideas! We are constantly looking for new stuff to post on this site or to put into our Issue-magazine. Just write us an e-mail!

Deadlines for every Issue-Magazine: January 31st, April 30th, July 31st, and October 31st.

Ordering Issue-Magazine

If you'd like to have the recent magazine or any older issue, just send us an e-mail and we'll send it to you. Costs: 1 € per magazine plus shipping costs (depends on your location).